Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Delivering Peace of Mind

Our funeral plans allow you to create and pay for a religious or civil funeral.

Planning Ahead

Ollie Burns Funerals Tuam, Galway

Our plans enable you to customise your funeral to every detail. Ollie Burns & Sons Funeral Directors offer the facility of a pre-paid funeral service. This means that you can pay for our services at today's prices, so that when the funeral takes place, so no further payments will be required at the time for our services.

Disbursements, such as cemetery or cremation costs, newspaper notices, etc. and other expenses which are not under our control, are usually included in a pre-paid funeral plan. These costs are not fully guaranteed as the prices can fluctuate overtime. This means that if these costs were to increase at a higher rate than that allowed for in the plan, then the family may be asked to pay a balance at the time of the funeral, if it were necessary.

People plan their own funeral for different reasons, including a desire to know that family and friends will be spared the burden of having to make arrangements at a difficult time. Our funeral plans allow you to customise your plan to every detail, ensuring that when the time comes your exact wishes will be carried out.

We have a number of options available to people who would like to plan ahead, ranging from lump-sum pre-payment to full-payment plans. Our plans cover both religious and civil funerals. A provision can be made to cover other funeral related items such as death notices, service booklets or hospitality for family and friends, if needed.

We are here to help you take care of every detail and help you out in any way we can.

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